Our Story

It all began 80 years ago.

The Okanagan is well known for its climate - it's perfect for fruit production. So perfect, our packing house has been in use for almost a century.


Scenic Road Cider Co. is nestled among the rolling hills and orchards of the Okanagan Valley, overlooking the shimmering lake below.

We grow many of the apples found in our ciders, which are made exclusively from locally-sourced tree fruit. Artisanal, authentic, always. From our backyard to your bottle.

In 2016, we realized our apples had a lot more potential and re-purposed the original 8 decade old packinghouse to produce the most delicious cider you've ever tasted.

Scenic Road Cider Co. first opened our tasting room doors on June 4, 2016. However, our story starts long before that.

The first apple orchards popped up in the Okanagan around 1860. These were mostly for personal use, while the commercial orchards we've come to know didn't really arrive until around 1890. That's when the industry really took off. The Okanagan is great for fruit production for the same reason you love it: the weather. The climate is perfect for many types of fruit, and orchards were the first to flourish.

Our first orchard was planted during this boom in early in the 1900's, and the packinghouse that still stands today as our tasting room, was built in the 1930's to accommodate moving apples across the province.

Although there are still many orchards around, some have shifted what they do with the fruit. We found our apples were excellent for making the perfect the cider, and in the spring of 2016, we poured the first of many cider batches to come!

Taylor and Caroline Sebastian

Taylor and Caroline make quite the pair for Scenic Road Cider. Taylor handles all the growing and manages our orchards. Every crisp apple that comes off the tree can be credited to his hard work. Caroline is our cidermaker, and as soon as you pop the top and take your first sip, it's her time to shine!

Harv and Marina Johal

Marina and Harv make up the other half of Scenic Road Cider. Marina is the second piece of the cider-making puzzle. She brings her talents to the packing house to make sure every sip is truly great. Of course, we have to get the word out, and that's where Harv comes in. He manages our sales and marketing (and taste tests all the cider!)